Check out these 8 different techniques to add some "ribbon" onto your Gift Card Holders to make it look like an even more realistic present!

Adding "Ribbon" To Your Gift Card Holder!

Hello my crafty friends & welcome! Our newest Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow is such a fun & creative way to give a gift card. I wanted to create a blog post sharing all the ways I've added some "ribbon" onto my Gift Card Holder to make this "present" presentation (pun intended) feel even more realistic. Let's get into it! 

Adding Ink

This first one is really quite simple - but there are a couple ways to do it! First, adding ink is obviously a fantastic way to create a ribbon, plus you can control how wide you'd prefer your ribbon to be.  

First Ink Technique: Direct-To-Paper

Direct-To-Paper is a technique I love using with my Catherine Pooler Inks where you press the entire ink pad down onto your paper to get a bold look. That's how I created my "ribbon" on the picture shown below AND also how I created my bow! This is a great way to make your own colored cardstock with just some white paper and ink. For this beautiful pink bow and ribbon, I used the color Quartz.

Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs
The best way to apply this method to your Gift Card Holder is to first cut it out, and then make sure you have some sort of low tack tape that covers the rest of your paper so you don't get the ink on the rest of your holder. I like using Mint Tape - this is a low tack tape that's extremely helpful when holding down your stencils - and I used the 4 inch width on both of these Gift Card Holders shown above & below! You can check out a short video showing the process of this simple technique HERE.
Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs

Second Ink Technique: Ink Blending

Another way to use your ink is to basically do the same idea, but just with ink blending! Ink blending is using a blending brush with the ink pad to get a more subtle, blended look. If you are new to inking in general, I have a great blog post HERE with an overview of the many ways to use your Catherine Pooler Inks.
Ink blending may be the most common way to use ink pads. What's fun about this way is you can blend more than one color if you'd like! Below is a photo of a Gift Card Holder I did this way!
Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs
Here are the inks I used: Quartz, Clay Mask & Matcha
When I use this technique, I like to make my strips the width of the ribbon, but it can definitely go a little larger or skinnier, depending on the look you are going for. Another great idea would be to use some new Catherine Pooler Metallic Inks to ink blend a shiny silver/gold/metallic ribbon!

Texture Paste

Using the same tape technique as above, texture paste is a fabulous way to add some faux ribbon - with a little bit of shimmer! I find the best way to add texture paste is actually with your finger! You can of course, use a stencil knife, but with your finger you can apply less (which means less drying time) and it's a bit more controlled. Check out this NEON Gift Card Holder I created below using Simon Hurley's new Neon Lunar Paste below! 
Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs

It can be hard in photos to see the beautiful details & layers of the bow with the neon, but it's definitely there and has a beautiful pop to it! 
Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs

Embossing Powder

This next technique is a fun one and one of my personal favorites - just because the result is a pure WOW! If you are new to embossing powder and would like a full step-by-step tutorial - you can find that HERE. This technique is used with some double sided tape! You could use VersaMark & do a similar technique with the tape like we did above, but using double sided adhesive makes it so much simpler.
Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs
This one above I used with Gold Embossing Powder plus 1 inch width Cherry Tape! I love the idea of this! It really makes the Gift Card Holder Stand out, and then you can add some more embossing powder to the bow with some glitter cardstock and you have a show stopper! I have a short video HERE showing how the bow comes together on the above Gift Card Holder. 
Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs
Why not add just one strip? That's what I did above in a Silver Embossing Powder with the matching silver ribbon. As long as it doesn't cover up that slit mark where the gift card gets inserted, it'll work great!

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is the perfect way to add a little bit of decorative ribbon onto your Gift Card Holder because - well, it's already decorated for you! Not only that, but washi tape comes in all different widths, so you can find the perfect match for your "present." Washi Tape is known to be low tack (just meaning less sticky), and sometimes that makes it harder to stick onto cardstock. I've found the hack to this is to put the tape down on your cardstock before cutting out your Gift Card Holder. Running the cardstock with the tape already on it through your die cutting machine will add the needed pressure and closure to the ends of the tape! 

Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs
I also have a short video showing the process of this adorable Gift Card Holder coming together with that Washi Tape HERE


I know glitter sometimes gets a bad wrap, but I do love it. I know, it's messy. That doesn't bother me much. Did you know glitter can also stick to adhesive tape?? Check out this Gift Card Holder I created using that 1 inch width Cherry Tape again with some pretty green glitter. I like the look of this with some more fine glitter, but you could use a chunkier one if you'd like! 

Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs

I'm swooning over these details! I couldn't help but think of how adorable this would be for Christmas with the green!

Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs


In order to get the excess off, use a dry paintbrush and lightly brush over the glitter adhesive. Something like a coffee filter helps with the mess here!


A lot of people assume I'm talking about hot foil when I mention foiling - but I actually don't have a hot foiling machine! (yet!) -- I've used one before, but this foil technique is a little simpler, and all you need again, is some adhesive & foil sheets! I used the 1 inch Cherry Tape again here, and then to apply the foil, you put it back side DOWN on the the adhesive, and rub it a little to add some heat so it transfers well. Then just lift! Here I used Dune Foil Transfer Sheets from TCW

I also now have a short video showing how to apply the foil in response to a comment on this blog! You can find the video HERE.

Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore Designs

I mean, look at that shine! I love it! For the bow I used some glitter cardstock in a similar shade with some plain cardstock on a couple of the layers to add that dimension. 

Actual Ribbon!?

What about some actual ribbon!? Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L has a Crafty Power Tape that can adhere some things such as -- you guessed it, ribbon! Check out my Gift Card Holder below to see how I used actual ribbon to create this awesome affect on my Gift Card Holder! 


Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore

I love this plaid ribbon I had in my stash and how fun is this technique? You can use any ribbon you have! You could even use some satin ribbon which would look even more like a present. 

Patterned Paper

This last technique is less to do with the "ribbon" look and more utilizing any patterned paper you have on hand that looks like wrapping paper! I had some of this really lovely gold patterned paper in my stash and knew it would look amazing with another gold bow. 

Gift Card Holder Die - With A Bow by Emily Moore


There are even more ways we can decorate our Gift Card Holder Die  - With A Bow, but I hope this blog post provides you with some different techniques to add that "ribbon" effect. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite & which one you are going to try first!

With Heart,


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