5 different ways to use your inks

5 ways to use your Inks

Hello again crafty friends! I am back showing a nice short video on how to use your Catherine Pooler Inks. Of course, you use inks to stamp and blend, but do you know all the other ways you can use your inks?? Check out my video below, or see even more information below written in my blog :)



1. Direct to Paper: my favorite way to use my CP inks is to press my ink pad down onto my paper to create a nice deep color, and then you can even spread it down your paper to create your own colored cardstock! This technique is called "direct to paper" because your pressing your ink pad directly onto your paper! I use this technique quite often, and I love how I can basically create my own colored paper this way. I will say, make sure you have ink re-fillers! You will need them once you use your inks this way.


2. Stamping: This seems the most obvious, but I want to note with your CP inks, because they are so juicy, you can continue to stamp to create lighter colors! I like using this technique to create an ombre effect. On all these examples, I'm using the ink color Mandarin Spice, which is just the perfect orange 9especially for Halloween & Fall!).

3. Ink Blending: I'm sure this is the next most popular form of using your inks, to ink blend! All you need for this is a set of nice brushes. I have the small size brushes, but you can also buy the larger set. I like to have a brush for each similar color, so 'blue' for my blues and teals, 'red' for my pinks & reds, and so on. Sometimes you see other colors come into play, & if that's the case I would just rub your blending brush onto some scrap paper first to get any excess ink off before putting it into the color you prefer. This is a great way to create background for your cards

4. Watercolor: This is my second favorite way to use my inks!! I LOVE water coloring with my inks, so much so I have a whole separate video/blog post about it! I find it perfect for coloring in your die cuts as well, you can use the inks you have on hand, add a little water, and wah-lah! I do recommend using watercolor paper, as it holds to the water better and, it won't discolor the paper. You can also create different shades of one ink color, which I just love.


5.Embossing: With CP inks, they are slow drying, meaning you can use them to emboss! I find this works best with Midnight Ink and black embossing powder.


EXTRA!!! I didn't know if you noticed, but in my orange photos, you can see lighter dots, that is from water splatter!! These inks are water reactive, so you can create a background, and then splatter some water on with either your fingers or a paint brush, or even a spray bottle, and it creates such a cool looking effect. This is a fun idea if you wanted to create a night sky scene, and have the illusion of stars :) 

ALSO.... I heard someone say in a craft class (I don't recall which one) that it's actually water SPATTER, and not SPLATTER... what? lol do you know about that? I'd say I'm team splatter. haha! Thanks for reading guys, means a lot! Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see next, and if you are team splatter, or team spatter. ;)

With Heart,


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