Using your Inks to Water Color

Using your Inks to Water Color

Hi crafty friends! I am back and sharing my final projects from my BetterPress blog post! The nice thing about the BetterPress is that it comes with the A2 sized cotton panels which are perfect for water coloring. It's actually the preferred way to color your images! You can see my full process video below on how I water colored my Christmas card background! 



Catherine Pooler inks are so much fun to play with, they are nice and juicy and make perfect pairing for water coloring. You can even blend the colors to make different shades! Grab your colors, and some water or a spray bottle, some paint brushes, and lets get started!



You can use a craft mat or glass mat if you have one, but if you don't I just use a plastic bag! Works just fine. I even wipe it off and reuse it way more than once. First, press your ink colors onto your craft mat (or plastic bag). One press gets plenty of color. Then, use a spray bottle to spray the ink with water. 


From here, just grab your paintbrushes and paint your image! I really loved this Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Press Plate because of all the details and intricacies. I couldn't wait to paint this, I knew it would be such a beautiful design. I started with green, did the leaves and then went from there!


Another thing you can do is put your paintbrush right into the ink pad! This gives more of an ink blended look on your design, but gives you control of where your putting the ink. You can then add water to the paper or the paintbrush if you'd like to add the watercolor effect. 


Here is how the Christmas card came out!



And here's how the Halloween card turned out! I water colored the background of the card and then turned it into a shaker card. I have a separate full blog post and video tutorial on how to make a shaker card if you'd like to see that. 

Let me know if you like to play with your inks! Or, what other video tutorials you'd like to see! Thanks so much for stopping by, it means so much to me! 

With Heart,


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