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Art Journaling With Our Free Sayings

Hi crafty friends! In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, I am sharing some fun art journaling techniques as well as some lovely designs created by myself & my sister to help encourage a positive mindset. These designs coordinate with our largest die cut in the Card Sentiments Die Set & are completely FREE! Below I have a full process video sharing how my page came to life. 



Art Journaling is such a great activity for your mind. It allows more creative freedom because there is no pressure with gifting & you can experiment with new products & techniques maybe you haven't before. You can use scraps, ribbon, paper, paint - you name it! It's such a fun & flexible concept that I just love for my own mental health. I decided to use an "I am" statement from our 10 FREE sayings. This one reads "I am enough" and one I designed with my favorite color in mind. Purple! 

Emily Moore Designs FREE Encouraging Sayings

Layering is the name of the game with art journaling. There's definitely no "right" or "wrong" way to do it, but you can start out with collaging on your background first, as many layers & papers as you wish, and go from there! The one I created today is really quite simple, but I enjoyed the process & the result. 

 Emily Moore Designs Art Journaling

I started with my Dina Wakley Kraft Art Journal & also some of her Flying Things collage paper. I love this paper, and if you want to cover up the brown of your kraft journal (if you have one), this is a great way to start! A kraft journal is great for mixed medias such as collaging, paint & texture pastes because it can hold up to those thicker mediums. I have the large Kraft Journal that measures 7.75 inches x 10.25 inches (the cover) & the pages measure 7.25 inches x 10 inches.


Emily Moore Designs Art Journaling

Not only does Art Journaling allow for more creative freedom, but also practice! I have many pages in this journal where I either tried out new products, or new techniques. It's a great way to practice something if you aren't quite ready to throw it onto a project you'd like to give away. 


practice techniques with art journaling


practice techniques with art journaling

But overall, art journaling can be therapeutic and allow you to spend some time to yourself and use your hands to create something. I also wanted to give you something free you could use as either prompts or just encouragement -- and as I said above, these coordinate perfectly with the largest die in our Card Sentiments Die Set, so you can get a unique stitched edging on the sayings (if you choose). Feel free to just cut out and place in spots where you can read them to yourself as well. There are 10 sayings in total, 5 vertical and 5 horizontal, and half were created by my extremely talented sister, Erin. 

Emily Moore Designs Art Journaling
After the collaging I moved onto stenciling with some new Neon Lunar Paste from Simon Hurley, this color is called Mood Ring! I love the brightness of his Neon Lunar Pastes and I used this pretty floral stencil from that added some pop to my busy background. 
Emily Moore Designs Art Journaling
From there, I just used some more of the laser cut elements from 49 and Market as some decor and added my saying. I chose this one because it is my favorite color and I love being able to open my art journal and see that and read it to myself. I even added some stamping around with some butterfly stamps & Catherine Pooler's Ink color, Pixie Dust. I loved the little detail this added. 
butterfly stamp detail
I finally added my gold chipboard butterfly that I kept stored from when I embossed some chipboard, and that was about it! You can continue to add more onto your art journal, and make sure to stay true to yourself & create what you want to create! 
I hope you love these FREE Encouraging Sayings & use them yourself. I hope they help you if you're having a hard day. 
Thanks so much for stopping by & reading,
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