Create 3 completely unique backgrounds with just one stamp set!

Create 3 Unique Backgrounds

Happy Friday crafty people! Today I am very excited to share a little bit of mixed media with you & extend our world of stamping! I'm creating 3 different backgrounds using the exact same stamp set. You can see a full process video below watching me put these together, and keep scrolling down to see the pictures & descriptions of each! 


Today I am using Bo Bunny's Butterfly Stamp Set. I had this in my stash & knew I wanted to utilize it to create some pretty backgrounds. 

First, I'm starting out using 3 sheets of watercolor paper from Spellbinders. These A2 papers actually come with the Spellbinders Betterpress Letterpress system, but you can also get them separately here! What's nice about the watercolor paper is it's thick and can hold liquids well, as I demonstrate today.

stamped background by Emily Moore Designs

Let's start out with some basic inking/stamping. I used 3 Catherine Pooler colors here, Lilac, Clay Mask & Matcha. These go so well together and are more of a muted tone which I really like. I started by using my Misti Stamping Platform with some Misti Sticky Mats to adhere my paper down, and started stamping randomly.

Emily Moore Designs stamped background

After I felt done with the stamping, I used some Distress Mica Stain Sprays from Tim Holtz and splattered a little bit of that onto my paper using a paintbrush. I even used the green Distress Spray and added some water to it and put that on the edges of my paper, creating a little more of the green pops on the corners. I love how colorful this one turned out! 

Emily Moore Designs stamped background
I really loved the way these 3 colors went together, and how the Distress Stain Sprays really accented those ink colors! For my second technique, I decided to use some embossing powder for an emboss-resist technique
Emboss resist technique
This one was a lot of fun, and watching the result shine through just when you think it didn't work is truly the best part. First, I started again with my Misti Stamping Platform, but only stamped the butterflies on the left side of my cardstock. I stamped using VersaMark on my butterfly stamps, then poured my white embossing powder over my image. 
Emboss resist technique
From there, I used my heat tool to warm up the embossing powder, creating a white on white effect. Then I used the purple Distress Stain Spray and sprayed it directly onto my paper. I added a spritz of water to dilute the color a little bit, then also added in some Mica Spray for that bronze shimmer. After letting it sit for a couple second, I grabbed my paper towel and placed it over the top. 
Emboss resist technique
Once I removed the excess water/spray - my butterflies appeared! This one really gives a true mixed media feel, and I decided to finish it off with some white splatter paint to go with the white effect. I LOVE the way this one turned out! I purposefully left the top right corner blank so you can easily place a sentiment there for a card. 
Emily Moore Designs images
The last technique I decided to use was regular stamping with some black ink! For this one, I chose a grey cardstock and decided to stamp my entire background with butterflies, just like I did the first one. I really loved how the plain black on the grey cardstock turned out! I felt like you could just leave it like this for a nice simple background, or even a Halloween card background. 
black and white background
From there, I did want to add a little more color. I decided on my Turquoise ColorSparx. I knew the blue would really pop on this black & grey so I put a little bit of my ColorSparx down, then a spritz of water & another spritz of the Distress Mica Spray. If you want to see a full process video all about ColorSparx, you can find that HERE
ColorSparx background
Didn't this blue just turn out beautiful?
ColorSparx background
I love the shimmer effect that the Distress Mica Sprays add. Also notice the different pops of yellows & greens you can see come through from that ColorSparx! I do love it because of that. 
Colorsparx background
I hope you love these fun techniques & try them yourself! Let me know in the comments if you do & which one is your favorite!  
all 3 unique backgrounds together

With Heart,


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  • Kimberley Chilton

    Very Nice! I always hear from crafting videos just get out your stash & play! I have good intentions,but don’t always get it done…..

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