Check out how Emily creates a hidden flap on her scrapbooking page, perfect for adding more photos, saving space & extra journaling that you don't want on display!

Making a Hidden Flap on Scrapbook Layouts

Hi my crafty friends! I know I mainly consider myself a card maker, but as I'm sure you've heard me say before I don't like to put myself in a box, because truthfully I like to do a lot of different things! Today, I am sharing this scrapbook layout I created that has a hidden flap, perfect for creating more space in your layouts, or for something like journaling that you don't want on display. Check out my full process video below to see all the steps!


One thing I really love documenting is my dog, George. This picture was taken on his birthday and is special to me because I really want to remember all these moments with him. I knew the Moonlight Garden collection from 49 and Market would work perfectly, because it has a lot of focus around nature, and it almost matched my photos perfectly! 



I wanted the main picture of my layout to obviously be of my Georgie Boy, but I also wanted to document these nature photos I took on our walk that day.

Side note: I know there has been a lot of stress recently regarding if "scrapbooking is dead" and I really don't think so. It's always sad and even scary when businesses shut down, especially large, inspirational businesses like Close To My Heart; but I do believe as long as we have our memories and the want to keep them close to us, scrapbooking will never truly be dead. I just wanted to address that, since I know that's something I'm sure is on scrapbookers minds.

Back to the layout; my first step was to find the perfect frame that could act as a flap for my photo. 


I wanted something that still matched this collection, so I chose some large envelopes I had in my stash from 49 and Market. I loved how the dark one on the front really makes the cover pop more, distinguishing between the background paper and the photo. 


I then decided to work my way backwards, just meaning, I found my frame for the inside photo and adhered that down. From there, I decided to decorate each little page. Using rub-on transfers here was a must, as it added some more decorative detail without adding any bulk, which is exactly what we needed since we will be having a flap covering it! 


From there, I decided to create my flap. I took my dark brown piece I decided to use, and I scored from the top 1/2 inch down, just a straight line across. Then, I used some strong adhesive to put it into place. After that, it was just about decorating each flap! I used some Chipboard Words on the front that really pulled it all together.


When I got to the top part, I realized I didn't even need to do anything to the outside frame of my paper, because the 12x12 sheet I used already had the perfect frame, and didn't really need much more. 


I also wanted to show you a couple of cards where I used this technique, perfect for hiding slots for gifting the Gift Card Holders you make! 

This card is for sale today, including the Gift Card Holder!  


This spinner card was so  much fun to make, you can find a full process video on it here!

Hope you enjoyed this, thanks so much for stopping by! 

With Heart, 


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