Learn about the stamp kissing technique in this super simple video tutorial & blog post from Emily Moore & how to incorporate it into your card making!

The Stamp Kissing Technique

Hi crafty friends! Today I am sharing a fun technique called stamp-kissing! In order to do stamp kissing, you will need a solid stamp, some sort of patterned background stamp, and of course some ink & paper! Let's get into it! 


First step, grab the solid stamp you'd like to use and some ink. I like to use a darker ink for this technique, because you'll basically be transferring the ink from one stamp to the other, then onto your paper. 

 stamp kissing technique from Emily Moore

Here I used On The Lake from Catherine Pooler. By the way, have you seen CP's latest ink colors? They are so beautiful & perfect for spring time! Once you have your solid stamp all inked up, you will want to firmly press it down onto your background stamp. 






This background stamp I have is from Hero Arts. It has some spaces between it, so I tried to find a nice solid spot that would fit the whole image of my bunny, so you could still tell it was a bunny! 


The next step is to transfer that inked image onto your paper. The easiest way I found was to just take your paper, and carefully press it down onto the space where you inked the background stamp. 



Make sure to press the paper down firmly to get all the ink transferred, because once you lift it up, you can't really re-press it down. Then lift to show your result! 


This definitely took some practicing for me, but how neat is this trick!? You can use it to create a patterned look in certain shapes which I find extremely neat. Here is a card I made with one of my stamp-kissed bunnies! I hope you love it! 


Thanks for hopping by! ;) 

With Heart, 


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