Let's Make Halloween Treat Boxes!

Let's Make Halloween Treat Boxes!

Hi crafty friends!  I am SO excited to share with you how to make these adorable, fun Halloween treat boxes!! The best part of this craft is, you can use what you have in your stash! All you really need is a 6x6 paper pad. Check out my video below for the full process, or keep ready to see step-by-step photos!



First, you start with the patterned paper you'd like your box to be. I liked this pattern because it had candy all over it! Made sense for Halloween. Then, you will score each side of the paper at the 2 inch line & the 4  inch line. 


This will make it so you have 6 squares. I like to fold the paper in each spot to make it more flexible. From here, you will cut on only TWO OPPOSITE sides of the paper, ONLY up to one square.



This creates your box! You will then be able to fold it in on itself. I use Cherry Tape to adhere the box together, but you can use glue. From here, you have your little box! Now lets make some handles for it! 


I cut out some strips from my same 6x6 pad, and I just cut them about 1/2 an inch thick. I like to keep them the 6 inches long, it seems to be the perfect length! Next, grab your hole punch. Here, I have a 1/16 hole punch. This gives me the perfect tiny hole for my boxes to fit my mini brads into! 


Once you have the holes on your box and on your handles, put the mini brad through the box part, and then the handle, and do the same on the opposite side. I choose some pretty purple brads, but you can get any color you wish! 



Now we have handles that will actually move!! How adorable is that! You definitely don't need the hole punch and brads for this part, but I think it just makes it a little more fun and interactive. You can just glue or tape on your handles as well! 


Now the fun part! To decorate! This 6x6 paper pad I had in my stash had the perfect little icons and sayings. I even was able to make a gift tag! I used my Numbers and Gifting stamp set to add the "to:" & "love:" onto the tag so I can write out my nieces name! 



I also did a fun technique where I painted some of my Stardust Champagne Stencil Butter onto some paper before die cutting out some cute little stars. This is such a fun way to use texture paste! It dries quickly, and then you don't have to buy sparkly gold paper! 


Now all you have to do is fill your bag with some cute frillies (I'm not sure what that stuff is called, LOL) and then fill it with candy!! How perfect are these cute little treat boxes for Halloween!? These can also be used for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter & more! Let me know if you make these!! Hope you love this, & have a spooky October!


With Heart,


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