Figure out if the Intricate Craft Tool set by Sizzix is worth the money!

How to use the Intricate Tool Set from Sizzix

Hi crafty friends! Today I am experimenting with another crafty tool! I purchased the Intricate Craft Tool Set by Sizzix for just one of the tools in the set, and ended up loving all 3! You can follow along with me in the video below to see how each attachment works, and also see if it's worth the money!   


There are 3 main tools included in this tool set. It's called the "Intricate Tool Set" because it's used for those small details, perfect for putting sequins on or making sure everything is in it's place. The main part I bought this entire set for was the "pick up tool". This has a waxy tip, allowing you to pick up sequins (and even small die cuts) with ease and put them into place. This is my favorite part of this set. I do think the placing of the sequins take some getting us to, but once you use it a few times, it becomes natural.

 The Sizzix Pick up tool - perfect for picking up sequins!

The next is the "push tool". The Intricate Tool Set comes with a handle with dual ends, so you can put two of the tools on at once. I'd prefer the pick up tool & the push tool all at once, since they are easily used together. The push tool allows you to put the sequins (or other detail) into place, & I also found it helpful for making sure my sequins lay completely flat. 

 The push tool is perfect for putting those sequins in place

The last tool is one I probably won't use as much, but that is the adhesive eraser tool. This can erase adhesive tape! This was my first time using this tool, and I was surprised by how well it did work. While I know I won't use this tool all that  much, especially not as frequent as the other two, I understand why it was included in this set, since this set is all about the details. 

 The adhesive eraser works for erasing adhesive you don't want on your projects

Overall, I think if you are someone who loves details and loves adding sequins to things, this is worth it just for the pick up tool && the push tool. I hope this was helpful in deciding if this is something you'd like to purchase, as well as helping you figure out how to use each tool! Let me know if there's a crafty tool you'd like to see me try out next! 

With Heart, 


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