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How to use the Sizzix Surfacez Tool Kit

Happy Friday crafty friends! I am doing another crafty tool tutorial today, this time on the Sizzix Surfacez Tool Kit. This tool kit focuses on different types of blades. In this kit, you receive a distresser (which I love) perfect for safely roughing up the edges, a regular cutting blade (that is super sharp!) but great for cutting out shapes or intricate pieces, and a covered blade that's great for cutting long edges. "Surfacez" also refers to Sizzix's multiple materials they sell which these blades can also cut through. They have surfacez such as texture rolls, their beautiful Opulent Cardstock & even cork

Also, I'm not sure why, but the 'Z' in "surfacez" was throwing me off, so make sure to watch the video if you want to see me struggle through that. 


First, let's start with the most common, the regular blade/craft knife. This blade is super sharp and in the video I cut a square/diamond shape out of the center of my patterned paper without disrupting the rest of the paper at all! It comes with a cap which is great, because it is so sharp. This would be great for cutting through other surfacez that were mentioned above. The cutting mat I have is smaller, but make sure you have one when using this blade. Sizzix has a great cutting mat that is a larger in size that I may have to grab! Sizzix Surfacez Tool Kit

The next one is the trimmer. In my video, I show using this with paper, and it is meant to be used with larger surfaces, but can also be used with Sizzix Foam and the other Sizzix Surfacez they sell! I like this one because the blade is covered. There is a way to take the top off and replace the blade, which I didn't show in the video, but I can show separately if needed. This tool has a flat bottom underneath which makes it easy to set down on a craft table while you are running the blade through, so you can cut as straight as possible. 

Sizzix Surfacez Tool Kit

Sizzix Surfacez Tool Kit

The last tool is my favorite, the distress tool. This is something people usually just use scissors for, but I do not do that and probably never will because I have immense anxiety. I don't want to cut myself! This distressing tool changes the game, so you can hold the handle and just use this top to rub the edges of your paper back and forth to create that rough edge look. I do feel it can take some time for me to get the look I like, but I definitely feel like this is something much safer and easier to use, which was worth me buying this whole set for! 

Distress Tool

The left side is a straight edge and the right side has the distressing. 

distress tool

I hope you enjoyed my review of this Sizzix Surfacez Tool Kit! I hope you also enjoyed me trying to pronouce the word "surfacez". Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see next! 

With Heart, 


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