Learn the basics of ColorSparx, a watercolor powder sure to make your crafting pop!

How to use ColorSparx!

Hi crafty friends! I am excited to share what I have for you today, and that is a little bit of mixed media! Today I am showing how to use ColorSparx. If you are new to ColorSparx,  you are going to love this technique. ColorSparx is a watercolor powder created by Ken Oliver. When you hit it with water, it bursts with color! Hence the name! The ColorSparx pack I am using today is called Alpine, and includes a purple (Wisteria), deep blue (Turquoise) & green (Terre Verte). These colors go together beautifully, and they are so much fun to experiment with. Let's dig in below! 



What was most intriguing to me about this product is that it is a powder. I love ColorSparx so much because it is so unique, and it provides such a one of a kind result no matter how you use it! Below, find a picture of ColorSparx being used in it's "true form" (that's what I like to call it), because I feel it is meant to be sprinkled on some watercolor paper & then spritzed with water.  

Colorsparx watercolor powder

Look at all the different colors in there. Of course you can see the purple, green & blue, but notice the different bursts or red & yellow - that is all just from these 3 powder colors! 

Colorsparx watercolor powder

 Although this is my favorite way to use ColorSparx, I wanted to show some other ways you can use it. And that is with texture paste. I used what is called a "crackle paste" & that just means it cracks once dried! But there are plain texture pastes that you can mix colors into as well, like I did with the Crackle Paste & ColorSparx. On the swatches below, I mixed a little bit of the purple, blue & green ColorSparx each on some crackle paste then put it onto some paper. 

crackle paste & colorsparx

Check out the result of that! How cool is that look? I did something similar with a layout you can find in this blog post here. I love the vibrancy of the Wisteria color. You can combine more of the powder to get a darker/deeper look! 

ColorSparx & crackle paste

I also decided to experiment more with the crackle paste. What would it look like if I just added some crackle paste onto cardstock before adding the ColorSparx, and vice versa? Check out the result of this test below! I love the way the cracked pieces end up looking almost like stained glass. 

Difference between crackle paste & colorsparx

Check out a close up of the ColorSparx on top of the dried Crackle Paste! How cool is that!?

up close image of crackle paste

I can't wait to turn these beautiful pieces into some card making or possibly even scrapbooking! I hope this inspired you to try something new,

With Heart, 


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