How to Re-Ink your Ink Pads

How to Re-Ink your Ink Pads

Hello my craft friends! Another quick & easy post for you today to show how to re-ink your Catherine Pooler Ink Pads. Below is a quick video showing you the technique of how to best refill your ink pads. 



 Here I used the Wintergreen Ink Pad, which I love & use quite often. So it was time to refill it. Did you know that Catherine Pooler Ink pads are made of foam? This makes them more sensitive, so we want to be gentle when refilling the ink pads. 


You can see the difference between all the pretty butterfly stamps. If you over-ink your Ink Pad, you can press it down on your scrap paper to get rid of the excess, and then you can use that pretty color to die cut out an image or word! 

This is a very simple process, where you put your refill ink on the foam pad gently, and then you can take your bone folder, or something similar and spread out the ink to make it more even. 

I wanted to share because although simple, it was something I hadn't done yet! So I was sure others had the same questions I did. I hope this helps to answer your questions on how to re-ink your ink pads. Let me know in the comments if there are any other techniques you'd like to see! Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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