Create this super unique & fun pocket card that looks just like a gift box, but wait - it holds our gift card holder perfectly!

Fun Gift Box Pocket Card

Hi crafty friends! Today I am sharing this super unique & fun card made to look like a literal gift box with the help of our Bow Die. Below I have a full process video, but I also have step by step instructions and photos so you can follow along with me! Let's do this!  


First, I want to explain this card idea came to me while creating a bundle for our shop the "Gift Card Elegance Bundle". This bundle comes with both of our fabulous Gift Card Holder Dies & I wanted to be able to show you how to utilize both dies in one fabulous project. So while we use the decorative bow & gift tag from our "With A Bow" Gift Card Holder, this card (A2 sized) fits our Original Gift Card Holder inside it, perfectly. This is the PERFECT gift for any upcoming summer birthdays, or (am I allowed to say it yet?!) Christmas! (shh!) But why not be prepared?

Gift Card Elegance Bundle

Let's dive into the project! First, you want to start with an A2 sized card base along with two strips of glitter paper, and an adorable bow created from our "With A Bow" die. The glitter paper is optional, but I do feel it adds to the design aesthetic of this fun card. 


Emily Moore Designs cardmaking

It's important to note that this card is going to fold up on itself, so the top will be open, just like a gift. With that in mind, let's grab our small strip and place it as close to the middle of our card as possible. I like to put it between 2.5 - 3 inches, since that is around the center of our A2 sized card base (5.5 inches wide). 

Emily Moore Designs Card making


Using your score board with the corner and flat edge is extremely helpful in lining up something onto the edge of your card, as you see demonstrated in the pictures shown here. 

Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Card

 Once you get that adhered onto your paper, trim the excess paper off just the "front" of your card. This will make the front of your card 3 inches in height.


Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card

Once that bit is cut off,  you will put that on the back inside of your card, so once we add the front "ribbon" & it lifts, the pattern will show through to the other side.


Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card


Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card

Now is time to grab our tiny hole punch! This is a 1/16 of an inch hole punch -- I get a LOT more use out of it than you would think! These work perfectly with mini brads, which will come in handy here to create that fun opening. Punch a hole in the left side of your card corner, and then also your larger glitter strip, in the far left bottom corner. 

(please excuse my nails as they were done by my niece and I don't want to erase them!)

Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card

Make sure that when the holes align, the paper lines up perfectly. Then you will add your brad! 

Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card


Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card

Now is time to add our adhesive in order to create your pocket. You only want adhesive on the SIDES of your card, so that once you fold it over, the top will be open. I like using 1/8 inch Cherry Tape. It's extremely thin & very durable.

Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card

Now is the fun part. Fold over the top to adhere your card together & create your pocket. Then, add your bow to the center with some small foam squares and you have this adorable gift box pocket card! 

Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card


Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card

You could even tuck in a little note of course to go with your adorable gift box card & gift card holder! 


Emily Moore Designs Gift Box Pocket Card

I hope you love this & try it out! I had a blast making this. You can grab this bundle HERE today!

Happy Crafting! 


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