Learn about texture pastes, applying foil and basic stenciling techniques using our Confetti Layered Stencil today!

Basics to the Confetti Layered Stencil

Hi crafty friends! One of our most popular products (beside our beloved Gift Card Holder Die) has become our Confetti Layered Stencil. Because of that, I wanted to give a breakdown of how simple it is to use, as well as show off the different layers using different mediums. Let's get into it! 

Confetti Layered Stencil using Inks

Ink Blending

The most common technique would be using inks. I love using Catherine Pooler inks with my stencils, they are nice and juicy - and you can buy them with their refills so you never have to worry about running out! All you need for this is some ink pads, and some blending brushes. I like to go over my stencil a couple times to get a nice, dark look. Sometimes it takes going over a couple times to get your desired look. I designed this stencil to have 3 layers, so you can use 3 separate colors, and make a fun party background for your cards! 
Check out the separate layers below - notice how you can use the polka dot layer on it's own!
Ink Colors Used:
The Confetti Layered Stencil by Emily Moore Designs
The Confetti Layered Stencil by Emily Moore Designs
The Confetti Layered Stencil by Emily Moore Designs

Texture Pastes

Texture paste is sort of like a thick paint. You use a pallet knife to smooth it on over your stencil. I've found that a nice thin layer works best to not "smudge" any images through your stencil. It takes some practice, but is totally worth it!


Emily Moore Designs Confetti Layered Stencil with Texture Paste


Here I use Simon Hurley's Lunar Paste, which is just one brand of texture paste. I love the thickness of this paste. I used two Neon Lunar Pastes & one regular Lunar Paste. The Neon Lunar Pastes add a ton of vibrant color, perfect for confetti! What's fun about the layers to our Confetti Stencil is that you can mix & match all these mediums, which I've done before & love. So--for example, if you didn't want to wait too long for the texture paste to dry, you could use ink for the first two layers, then add some texture paste to the last layer to make it pop! 

 Lunar Pastes Used:

Confetti Layered Stencil by Emily Moore Designs, Layer One


I love how this first layer of yellow polka dots against the black cardstock reminds me of a bee or a bee themed card would be a lot of fun! I also felt like a silver/white texture paste would be really pretty against the black to look sort of like a starry night. 

Texture paste like this is also a great way to utilize your stencil with a black background. 

Confetti Layered Stencil by Emily Moore Designs Layer Two


Confetti Layered Stencil by Emily Moore Designs
I just love how that final layer of streamers really brings the confetti to life! 


When I say foil, I DO NOT mean hot foiling. A lot of people don't know you can use foil this way - just with some paste! You can use transfer foil sheets and some Tacky-When-Dry gel with your stencils to add some awesome shine! I have a separate full video all about this process HERE
The Confetti Layered Stencil by Emily Moore Designs
You can now grab our Confetti Layered Stencil in a selection of Bundles today! I'd love to see what you create with our products, make sure to tag me @emilymooredesigns with anything you create! 
Happy Crafting! 
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