Check out how to use wax to up your cardmaking game!

How to Use Wax for Crafts!

Hi crafty friends! I am back and sharing how to use Honey Bee Stamps Wax Seal products to create beautiful wax seals not only for envelopes, but cardmaking & more! See a full process video below on all the different techniques on using wax with your crafts!  



I use 3 wax melting beads to create a nice round circle, perfect size to seal an envelope! But here I'm going to show you other ways you can use your wax, and how to make your wax shine!



What you need to get started is obviously some wax! You also need a tea light candle, wax melting furnace, wax melting spoon & a wax stamper to seal your image! But, I'm going to show you how to add a little shimmer with some metallic pigment & some beeswax!


All you have to do is light your candle and place your wax melting furnace over the candle. Then you place your spoon on top of the furnace. Add 3 wax melts and wait for the wax to melt. This takes a few minutes. I like to keep a toothpick handy and some parchment paper in case I'm melting wax seals for later that I want to keep!


I try to pour the wax directly in the center of where I want it to end up and don't move it so I can get the roundest seal possible. But if you want, Honey Bee sells a silicone mat that has some circles you can pour your wax into. Makes it so simple! Once you pour your wax, don't let it sit for too long before setting your seal onto the wax and let it sit. Don't touch it, and then once it dries, it will comes off super easily! This only takes about a minute. Once it dries, we can add the sparkle! 

Now, grab that transparent beeswax & some metallic pigments! I have the color copper, but there are a lot of different colors you can choose from! You dip your finger into the beeswax, and then into the pigment, which is a super fine sparkly powder, and then just rub it onto your wax seal! This makes the raised part more noticeable and adds that bit of shimmer!


Add your wax seal onto the front of cards with some sprigs, or if you have some patterned double sided paper, you can roll one corner up and add a wax seal on the front of that!



Another favorite technique I learned was to use the little bit of leftover wax to create your own enamel dots!! How fun is that!? You can make them any size, and any color, or a combo of colors! You can even save the little dots for later and glue them onto your projects for later, or remelt them if you'd like.


If you want to save your wax seals for later, make them on some parchment paper, then use the Honey Bee Wax Seal Stickers to put on the back once it's dried to save for later!


I hope you enjoyed this crafty tool technique! I just love my wax melting stuff, it's addictive! Let me know if you try out any of these techniques!

With Heart, 


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