The best stamping tool for cardmakers, the Misti!

How to Use the Misti Stamping Tool

Hi crafty friends! I am back today with another crafty tool tutorial. If you are looking for a stamping platform, the Misti is for you. The Misti is a stamping tool used to be able to stamp  & RESTAMP image & word stamps in the same exact spot so you can get the clearest picture possible, every single time! This is hands down one of my favorite crafty tools, which is why I wanted to share this with you. Check out my video below where I go through how to use the Misti, as well as different techniques using the Misti to take your cardmaking & scrapbooking to the next level!


As I said above, the Misti is a stamping platform that allows you to stamp clear images by keeping the stamp & your paper in one spot so you can re-ink your stamp if needed, and re-stamp as well. The paper is held down by a strong magnet, something you can buy more than one of if you'd like (or if you lose the one it comes with lol!). 

Misti Stamping Platform

I love using my Misti just for the plain reason of getting a perfectly clear stamp using sentiment stamps for cardmaking. I used this *fabulous* stamp set from Catherine Pooler to make this fun card for my aunt. You can see in the video how I layered 2 separate 'fabulous' stamp words & was able to make them so clear because of using my Misti

The Misti also has a set of Sticky Mats (3 different ones) which can be used to help with stamping onto die cut pieces with more precision, and also for stenciling. Using the sticky mats with stenciling works so well, I used it with a rose layered stencil with the Catherine Pooler Inks, It's A Girl, Samba, Wintergreen & Garden Party. Look how these colors just pop! 


A couple of other facts about the Misti, it is measured total 8x10 inches, and the stamp area measures  6.5 x 8.5 inches. The foam pad, sample grid paper and bar magnet are included. You can buy more of the grid paper & magnet if needed/wanted. If you have any questions regarding the Misti, let me know in the comments! **EDIT! To respond to the question in our comment section, I do think it's important to mention the STAMPendable stamping tool! This is a sort of stamping press that allows you to put pressure on the Misti without having to use your hands. Hope that is helpful! 

Misti Stamping platform with LDRS stamping tool

Stampendable Stamping tool

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this tutorial helps you to make a decision regarding purchasing a Misti. I know this crafty tool is an investment, so I want you to know I promise this is something I use every time I craft, and I only recommend products I love & trust! I know you'll love it too! 

With heart, 



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  • Jodi Mudry

    What is the round tool that you use with the stamps? In the video you didn’t know where you got it.

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