Learn another unique way to slip your gift card holders in your card for a fun & exciting surprise!

Fun Gatefold Card - Perfect for Gifting a Gift Card!

Hi crafty friends! I am so excited to share this take on a tri-fold, or gatefold card. I wanted to make another type of card that would be perfect to hold your gift card holders! 

There are a lot of different elements to this card and I want to make sure to walk you through it step-by-step! First, I started out with the star patterned paper in my A2 Card Base Paper Pack, inspired by the sequins I am using from Buttons Galore, which have stars in them. I knew I wanted to make a shaker element, and was so inspired by the 3D Foam Circle Frames from Scrapbook and Adhesives by 3L. Did you know they have these? The circle frames come in hoops so you just have to make a frame that fits and it makes it so much easier to create a shaker! I feel the hardest part (for me) in creating a shaker is making sure all the gaps are closed so nothing falls out. The 3D Foam Circles Frames takes that problem away, making it so simple to create with! 

Cut out the correct size frame for your shaker card

 The 3D foam circles from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L make it so simple to choose your size for your shaker!

Carefully place the foam circle on the back side of your frameThe Birthday Sentiment Stamp Set from Emily Moore Designs has the perfect sayings for your loved ones!

And now you have your shaker element! 

Circle shaker element for your card!

The next step is to create our card base. I used the star patterned paper from our A2 Card Base Paper Pack and scored it at 2 1/8 inches & 6 3/8 inches, instead of the usual scoring down the middle. This paper is perfect for making different fun fold cards like this, because while it's already cut for you to make a perfect A2 sized card base, it has no scoring lines to provide you with that freedom to create whatever type of card you'd like. From there, I decided to decorate and build the inside. I started with the A2 Liner Die in the Card Sentiment Dies to cover the back inside of my card. I knew I wanted to create some sort of decorative flap, so you couldn't see what someone wrote immediately after opening the card. 

Tri-fold card base scoring at 2 1/8 inches and 6 3/8 inches


Card Sentiment Dies by Emily Moore Designs makes the perfect base for the inside or outside of your card

In order to create the flap, I used the A2 Liner Die again to die cut out an adorable patterned butterfly paper from Cocoa Vanilla's Happy Days Collection and scored the it at 3/8 inches just at the top. This creates a tab, where you secure it with some strong tape, I used the Extreme Double Sided Tape 1/4 inch from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L. Carefully place it on the top of the sentiment liner to create your surprise flap! 

Create a small fold to create an easy flap!

creating a secret fold flap by adhering onto a sentiment piece

decorative card making made easy!

fun decorative flap

Then for the inside top, I cut a decorative strap from the Happy Days collection, and put adhesive only on the sides to create this insert for my Gift Card Holder

Emily Moore Designs Gift Card place holder!

This card was so fun to make! You can find even MORE details on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog also. I hope you loved this! Check out my short video here to watch how this opens up :)

Tri fold card making fun by Emily Moore Designs

With lots of heart, 


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